Multi Stage Helical And Bevel Gearboxes

Multi Stage Helical And Bevel Gearboxes

Multi Stage Helical And Bevel Gearboxes

Kumera F-, G-, D- Series- Multipurpose Bevel Gearbox Range


Kumera Multi Stage Helical and Bevel-Helical gearbox range includes 20 gearbox sizes from two- to five-stages. The range consist of F-, G- and D-series which are optimally divided to meet the torque and ratio requirements. All the sizes are available in helical and bevel-helical versions and can be equipped with either solid or hollow output shaft. The modular structure of the gearboxes has enabled the installation of additional equipment onto the gearbox. Thus a single gearbox can be transformed into a variety of applications and mounting arrangements.



Technical data:


Nominal torque rating: 0,5 - 610 kNm

Nominal power rating: up to 11 000 kW

Ratios from 5,6 - 3550 ( special ratios on request)

20 gearbox sizes ; shaft center distances from 80 mm to 710 mm

Weights: from 80 kg to 10 000 kg



Kumera F-, G-, D- Bevel Gearbox series are perfect choice for:


Pulp and Paper industry, Material handling systems, Mining and mineral industry, Metal processing





Paper Machine Drives, Drum Drives, Pulper Drives, Chipper Drives, Conveyor Drives, Crusher Drives, Crane Drives, Pump Drives, Screening Drives, Coiler Drives, Roll Drives



Kumera F-, G-, D- Bevel Gearbox  series can be equipped with:


Motor adapter, Torque arm, Motor bracket/Belt drive, Mounting feet, Back stop device, Mechanical fan cooler with air-deflecting cover, Water cooling coil, Heating element, Shaft end pump, Water- or air-cooled lubrication unit, Remote condition monitoring: Kumera Guard Gear 300.