Our Partners

Our Partners

Our Partners


At Kumera Transmission, one thing reaches into the other, in the daily interaction of qualified employees and state-of-the-art machines as well as in our understanding of work for and with our customers. We are always looking for solutions that suit you exactly and are flexible and accurate when processing often complex requests, even under great time pressure. Combining our experience and innovative strength results that often set standards. Our company, founded in 1901, is today one of the most important manufacturers of special transmissions in Europe. We design, repair and optimize transmissions with decades of experience and the flexibility and curiosity of a dynamic company.


Duran Mekatronik is the youngest member of Duran companies which were originally founded in 1954 . Various Duran products are exported to more than 70 countries around the world. Duran Mekatronik is founded to design and produce hi tech products which include bevelled and planetary reducers (precision gearboxes). 

The Duran R&D department is formed to be a solution partner to customers on their special projects when necessary.


Established in 1988 with the passion, focus and goal to improve gearing technologies with the spirit of craftsmen and create the century enterprise one gear reducer for 100 years. Continuous improvement while remaining true to our core values and founding aspirations, we forge ahead with great experience from past professionalism embracing future intelligence in service to the world. JIE is committed to delivering happiness to our global partners in everything we do.